0x00000116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR Solution

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Hi all ..

I have encountered a very annoying BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) every time I play StarCraft II (or few other game) , with my Acer Aspire 5750G .

I was surprised when I knew that was because of my video card , since I was sure my laptop is still new ,my video card is not that bad and I could play StarCraft II on Ultra settings before , for a while .

The true cause of this trouble is Overheat , there are few reasons for this :

1. You are using the laptop on the wrong surface , like a Bed or a Carpet . Try using the laptop on a Desk or a Table .
2. Room temperature is very hot , or the laptop’s fan is closed (or filled) for some reason (Dust in most cases) .
3. Working on the laptop for too many hours  .
The main solution for this problem is a cool CoolingPad for the laptop (or a fan at the side of the PC to cool the inner parts) . But what if you don’t have (or can not afford) a CoolingPad right now ?
I have been trying few things , they helped much , and the number of BSOD’s has reduced .

Lower graphics settings : Instead of Ultra or High settings , try using Medium or Low . In some games , it will recommend a specific graphic level for your machine .

Use the laptop for less hours , on good surface and in good temperature . I am sure you tried all of those , and even when I did , it didn’t help , those are just basic solutions .

nVidia Control Panel (Custom) :

– In the control panel (in my case , I have nVidia graphic card) choose “NVidia Control Panel” , or right-click on your desktop and choose “nVidia Control Panel” .
– From the tree at the left side of nVidia control Panel , choose Manage 3D settings .
– Choose “Program Settings” tab .
– From the list , select the game (or the program) that cause the Overheat and the BSOD to appear . (or click add if it is not in the list)
– From the second list , select another graphic card to run the game , try them all until you find one that works . (many laptops support more than 1 graphic card)
Please note : some games have some problems with some graphic cards ! if that’s so , go to the second solution .

nVidia Control Panel (General) :

I began with the custom solution , since this one will affect all the games and programs on your machine .

– From the same nVidia Control Panel , and from the tree on the left , select “Adjust image settings with preview” .
– Select “Use my preference emphasizing” from the 3 options in the “Adjust image settings with preview” page .
– Move the slide bar under the 3rd option to the left , near the word “Performance” .

Those 2 solution may not work in few cases , since some games don’t run correctly with some graphic cards . But I have tried all of them , and the number of BSOD’s has reduced . give it a try it worth it 🙂

And still , the most efficient solution is to buy a CoolingPad , I am planning to buy one soon , and I hope it works permanently (heared Zalman NC2000 is perfect , I hope to find it in Egypt :))

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